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Privacy policy and Data security on karlsruhe.de

Privacy Policy

The following statement explains the exact details of what data is saved on karlsruhe.de, the internet site of Karlsruhe City, and how this data is handled by Karlsruhe City. Karlsruhe City will act in accordance with current legis­la­tion.

In addition to this, we would also like to offer you some advice about how you can help to protect your data yourself.

Be aware, however, that our internet site contains links to other websites. We cannot be respon­si­ble or liable for external websites. We also do not have any influence over whether other organi­sa­ti­ons observe data protection stipu­la­ti­ons.

1. Data protection obliga­tion

Karlsruhe City undertakes to protect the privacy of all persons who entrust their data to it. As a public body it is subject to more far-reaching legal data protec­tion regula­ti­ons than private companies. Laws in force form our basic principles, laws such as the Bundes­da­ten­schutz­ge­setz (BDSG) (Federal German Data Protection Law), the Landes­da­ten­schutz­ge­setz of Baden-Württem­berg (LDSG-BW) (Baden-Württem­berg State Data Protection Law), the Gemein­de­ord­nung für Baden-Württem­berg (GemO) (Baden-Württem­berg Local Government Code), the Kommu­ni­ka­ti­ons­dien­ste­ge­setz (IuKDG) (Commu­ni­ca­ti­ons Services Law) and the Staats­ver­trag über Medien­diens­te (Medi­en­dienste-Staats­ver­trag) (State Law for Media Services).

2. Collection of personal data

Personal data is not actively tracked or collected by Karlsruhe City. It expressly encourages users of karlsruhe.de to use techno­lo­gies which protect against the unnoticed obtainment of personal data (e.g. blocking cookies, non-disclosure of HTTP address, conceal­ment of the inquiring IP address - more on this topic below). We ensure that if you do use such techno­lo­gies you can still access karlsruhe.de.

Only such personal data which you delibe­ra­te­ly commu­ni­cate to us within the scope of a transac­tion is saved electro­ni­cally by Karlsruhe City. The saved data on karlsruhe.de is protected in particular by means of organi­sa­tio­nal and technical measures taken by Karlsruhe City.

3. Storage of personal data

Saved personal data is only used for purposes which were commu­ni­ca­ted to us by you or which we have informed you of beforehand. In particular, you can be sure that data will never be handed on to third parties for commer­cial purposes without having your explicit consent.